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When To Repair or Replace Your AC Unit

The worst nightmare for many homeowners occurs when the air conditioner suddenly stops working and it’s in the middle of summer when the heat is scourging the interiors of the house you find yourself in a sweltering, hot box and begin to wonder; it is just a minor issue or something bigger.  There are things to look at to determine whether it’s a repair or replacement issue for home air conditioners.

Repair if it’s Less Than 10 Years

Air conditioning units can go up to 15 or even more without needing replacement, but you have to maintain them properly.  An AC that is only 8 years and it has been getting proper servicing and is energy efficient may just need repairing. Repairs can put back the inefficient or dead air conditioner and ensure you continue cooling your home but make sure that the air conditioner warranty isn’t out and the failure is not being caused by a big serious malfunction.

Repair if You Haven’t Done So Anytime Recently

If your air conditioner fails, you want to ensure that you check out the patterns of failure.  If you have not had any major repair recently and the unit is still within its lifespan, you can repair it provided it doesn’t cost you too heavily.  Sometimes, the repair can be too pricey meaning you could have your split or reverse cycle air conditioner replaced if it is nearing its end.

Replace if More than 15 Years

The routine maintenance and servicing you give your air conditioner can push its lifespan to the extreme end.  You will have the unit still running even when it is 15 years and above, but that can come with a risk. An air conditioning unit is meant to take about 15 to 20 years before it needs replacement.  If it has hit 15 years, then consider having a replacement. Don’t wait until it fails because you may put yourself and your family in a difficult situation when you can’t get the money to purchase a new unit.

Replace if Repair Costs Are Too High

Once you start experiencing AC failures that call for repairs and it happens frequently even when it hasn’t reached its lifespan, you need to consider replacing it.  The costs of repairs can add up quickly because you are doing them frequently. Without knowing you find that you have spent almost three-quarters of the amount you could have used to purchase another unit.

Replace if the Energy Bills Keep Swelling  

During the time you have been using the air conditioner, you have taken note of how much you pay.  Sometimes, you may find that during the cold or hot season when you use the AC for long hours, the energy consumption is higher, that’s expected.  However, if it’s not in those peak seasons and you find the energy bills are swelling, and this trend goes on for a prolonged period even after servicing and maintenance, think of replacing the unit.  It can cost you hugely if you leave the unit running in that condition. A replacement of your ducted air conditioner will get you a new, more efficient unit that will begin to save you money.

It is important you have your air conditioner inspected before the peak months start so that you have it working efficiently and flawlessly during the cold and warm months.  So if your AC has stopped working, should decide whether it needs repairs or you have to get a new one.

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