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Without mounting foam, not a single repair is complete. Should I take the first balloon we got? Do we need to focus on the promoted brands? Which is better – a foam with a tube or a professional one? Our article will help you understand these issues and reveal some secrets of the manufacturers.

Mounting foam – how it works

Mounting foam, along with other types of sealants, is one of the most sought-after types of insulation materials. The Commercial Spray Foam Contractors offers the best options now.

Mounting foam (another name – polyurethane foam sealant) is a mixture of two basic chemicals produced from crude oil – polyol and isocyanate. The reaction of these liquids leads to the formation of polyurethane foam – the same composition that comes out of the can of foam.

Mounting foam: professional advice

In the production of foam, various accelerators of chemical processes (catalysts), adhesion promoters (surfactants), antifreeze and refractory additives and filler gases are also used.

According to the chemical composition, the mounting foam can be one-component and two-component.

One-component foam is most widely represented in the building materials market. The polymer entering into its composition, when sprayed from a cylinder, reacts chemically with moisture from the air and as a result increases in volume and solidifies. The process of solidification lasts about a day and depends on the volume of foam used and atmospheric conditions. That is why it is not recommended to immediately fill large voids – the composition cannot react with the air and remain liquid. To accelerate the solidification of foam manufacturers recommend furtheringmoistening the surface. Minus one-component foam – a short shelf life because of the possibility of uncontrolled chemical reactions in the cylinder.

Mounting foam: professional advice

Two-component foam (also referred to as structural foam) is mainly used in professional construction. In a special tank, the two active substances are stored separately and connected only when activated. The chemical reaction that occurs between them does not require additional exposure to air and occurs much faster is the two-component foam completely hardens after 20-30 minutes. An additional advantage of such a composition is an extended shelf life. But such a foam is not suitable for repeated use after mixing the components the balloon must be used completely. Therefore, two-component foam is most often used by window workers and roofers for large amounts of work.

Mounting foam: professional advice

Many manufacturers use the fact that household foam is most often purchased by non-professionals who, perhaps, use this product only once in their life. Therefore, the quality requirements for production are underestimated: the volume of filler gas is often increased in household cartridges due to a decrease in the volume of the polymer. This leads to the fact that with the same size and weight of the can, the output of the “pipe” foam is lower than that of the professional one. However, given the cost of the mounting gun, it is unlikely that someone will be ruined to purchase it, in order to once stop the seams in the window box. And to cope with professional foam to a novice without experience will not be easy.

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