How to Prepare Your Roof for Cleaning

If it’s your first time calling a roof cleaning Stockport service, then you might be a bit unsure about how to prepare for their arrival. While there are some things you should make sure to take care of, you shouldn’t worry too much as roof cleaning Stockport will make sure that everything is in order before roof cleaning.

Below we’ve compiled a few tips to keep in mind as you prepare your roof and surrounding area for roof cleaning.

Keep Roof Cleaning Day Exclusive

We know that lots of people like to have roof cleaners, landscapers, carpet cleaners and window cleaners all on the same day, but you just can’t do that with roof cleaners. Roof cleaning Stockport should always be scheduled separately from other cleaning services, with as little foot traffic going in and out of the house as possible.

Prepare Your Garden

Perhaps the piece of advice that confuses people most, roof cleaning Stockport highly advise that you water your lawn, backyard, and any other plants the night before the roof cleaning service is scheduled to arrive. Cleaning chemicals like fungicidal wash will be soaked up by plants if they haven’t had a healthy rainfall the night before. Chemicals like this can end up hurting the health of your garden.

Generally, you want to move anything within the drip zone of your roof to avoid any kind of contamination or damage.

Inform us of your Downspouts and Fish Ponds

Roof cleaning Stockport should always be informed if you have any special circumstances or decorative features in your garden that are close to your roof and its drip zone. Let us know about any fish ponds or swimming pools you might have so that we can bring the proper protective equipment for the job.

Along with this, it’s helpful for us to know if you have any gutters that drain into downspouts, and where those downspouts deposit their water. There’s no problem if your downspouts drain deep underneath the ground, however, if your downspouts empty out onto the lawn or grass, we should be informed so we can protect your lawn.

Protect your Pets and Car

Before roof cleaning Stockport begin the cleaning process, it’s important that you move any cars you have in your driveway or near your roof’s drip or spray zone. We generally recommend that your car be at least 8 feet away from the roof. More important than your car, if you have any pets that stay outside in the backyard, it’s important that you keep them inside or away from the house during the roof cleaning.

For Roof Cleaning Stockport Services Call Just Clean Property Care

A lot of this advice might seem fairly mundane, but it all helps to ensure that the roof cleaning Stockport team can get started quickly and efficiently, without any unexpected delays or complications. Make sure to come back to this blog post when you book a roof cleaning service so that you’re prepared.

When your roof does need cleaning, be sure to call Just Clean Property Care at 01925 223 547.

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