The Coolest Way To Reduce Your Energy Bill Using Refrigerants

A lot of people do not realize how much energy their cooling systems will use. This use of energy will directly impact your energy bills and this can cause a problem in the hot summer months. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can reduce your energy bill, but there is also a very cool way of doing this with your refrigerant.


What Is Refrigerant?

Before you can look at how your refrigerant will be able to save you money on your energy bill, you need to know what this is. The refrigerant is a liquid in your cooling system that is responsible for drawing the heat from the air and replacing it with cooler temperatures. The refrigerant is contained within the cooling copper coils of your system.


The cooling system will draw hot air from your home into the cooling unit where the air runs over the coils. The refrigerant will absorb the heat from the air and turn into a gas which travels through the cooling system. The refrigerant will then move through the condenser outside your home where it cools again and then travels to the indoor coil where it is used to create cool air.


As the refrigerant is a vital part of your cooling system, it makes sense that it can affect the energy that is being used. However, it is not the way that the refrigerant works that you need to be aware of if you want to reduce your bills. You need to consider the actual refrigerant that you have in the system.


The Phase Out Of R-22

For many years, the most common refrigerant used in cooling systems was R-22. However, it has been found that this refrigerant causes serious damage to the environment and has been in the process of being phased out for a last decade. The final stages of the phase-out are approaching and this is important to know if you want to reduce your energy bill with your refrigerant.


Once R-22 has been completely phased out, you will no longer be able to get this.  The only available supply will be stockpiles that people have which will become increasingly expensive as time goes on. It is already illegal for manufacturers to make R-22 refrigerants as this was part of the early stages of the international phase-out process.


Of course, this will not generally affect most people because, if your cooling system is running correctly, you should not have to top up your refrigerant. The only times that this needs to be done is when there is a problem with the system such as a refrigerant leak. In these cases, you will have a hard time topping up with R-22 or you will need to pay a lot for the refrigerant.


Turning To An Energy Efficient Alternative


As the phase-out of R-22 has affected a lot of refrigeration systems, manufacturers have looked for a range of alternatives. This is where you will be able to save money on your energy bill.  Of course, it could take a bit of initial outlay, but the long-term benefits will generally be worthwhile.


There are a lot of different alternative refrigerants on the market and you need to be aware of this. However, if you want to save money on your energy bill, you should look for the energy efficient ones. The best will be R-290 which is a refrigerant that is ideal for hot climates which high ambient temperatures.


Studies have been done on the overall energy efficiency of this refrigerant when compared to a competitor which is R-410a. The studies found that R-290 is more efficient, particularly in areas that have high heat levels. The energy efficiency of the refrigerant is how you are going to be reducing your energy bill.


As the refrigerant does not use as much energy to circulate through the system and to cool the air, you will not have to pay as much on your bill. This is similar to the use of other energy efficient appliance on your home to reduce the energy bill. The problem that people have is the initial cost of getting this refrigerant into your system.


Upgrading Your Cooling System

Most residential cooling systems are designed to handle only one type of refrigerant. If you have an older cooling system, this will be R-22, but some of the newer systems will have a different refrigerant that they use. This becomes a problem because you cannot easily change the type of refrigerant that you use in the system without damaging it.


This leaves you with 2 options if you want to use R-290 instead of your current refrigerant. The first option will be to add a system to the unit that allows you to use a different refrigerant. This will generally void your warranty on your unit and it is considered a short-term solution only.


The other option will be to replace your system with one that uses R-290 instead. This will be a larger expense, but it will be the best solution. You do not have to replace every part of the cooling system, only the actual cooling unit and condenser.


Other Steps To Reduce The Energy Bill

While changing your refrigerant to an energy efficient one is a good idea, there are other steps that you should also be taking. The most important is to have your cooling system regularly maintained. There is no point in having energy efficient refrigerant in the system if the overall system is not working correctly. This will cause a spike in your energy bill that you can easily avoid with regular servicing.


Reducing your energy bill can be done by changing the refrigerant that you use in your cooling system. There are a number of replacements for R-22 on the market, but one of the most energy efficient is R-290. Using this refrigerant in your system will ensure that your energy bill is reduced and that you are not at the mercy of R-22 stockpiling.

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