True Opportunities for Having a Laminating Flooring

When repairing an apartment, many of you have thought about parquet coverage. However, to have parquet in an apartment is quite expensive. To get out of this situation, mankind created such a covering, which had a look similar to natural parquet, but had a relatively low price. So, before you laminated parquet!

The Lamination

Laminated parquet is not a kind of parquet. Yes, in fact, laminate – it is difficult to call the type of parquet. Parquet is a floor covering consisting of natural wood. A laminate, in turn, is an alternative, consisting of a synthetic material that simulates woody species. Do not like the tree? Try the stone! With the good cheap laminating flooring the results are perfect.

The imitation of wooden parquet is a classic kind of laminate. However, for some who do not want a “woody” interior there are species in which the stone cover is imitated – marble, granite. Also for particularly fastidious there is an imitation laminate in the form of carpet, tiles, even patterns or abstract paintings.

The Cleaning Process

  • For cleaning in the room you must first decompose all the things into places, then carefully vacuum everything everywhere. Remove all crumbs and small debris so that later it would be easier to wash the floor. Do not forget to vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture, as well as pillows. Wipe all mirrors with a window cleaner and wash the floor.
  • Before you start cleaning in the kitchen, you need to wash all the dishes, then you should wash the sink. After wipe all cabinets and shelves, wash the stove and refrigerator. Spread all the dishes in their places. Now you can start washing the floors.
  • In the bathroom you need to treat the toilet and the sink with a special tool. Wait for 5 minutes, so that the agent is better absorbed into the mud, and wash it off with water using a sponge. The mirror in the bathroom and the shower door can be treated with a window cleaner. Wash the soap dish, wipe all shelves and cabinets in the bathroom.

In hardware stores a large selection of goods that can greatly facilitate the cleaning of the house. For example, mechanical mop brushes, wipes for wiping furniture, special tools for removing dust from computer screens and televisions, and many others. Some of them will really help you to save your energy and time while cleaning the apartment. A well trained part time cleaner is important now.

And finally some more useful tips:

  • Begin cleaning first with a dry, and then go to the wet cleaning.
  • First remove the stain remedy, which acts more gently, and if it did not help, go to a stronger agent. Some strong tools can harm your furniture.
  • The most important thing after cleaning is to ventilate the room so that the smell of detergents does not remain in the apartment.


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